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JPG to PNG conversion refers to the process of converting an image from JPG format to PNG format. This can be useful when you need to retain transparency, maintain the quality of the image, or when PNG is the required format for a specific application.

JPG and PNG are both popular image file formats used to store and display digital images.

JPG (also known as JPEG) is a lossy compression format that is commonly used for photographs or images with lots of color variations. It reduces the size of the image file by removing some of the data that is considered less important, resulting in smaller file sizes. The compression process can result in a slight loss of quality, but the file size reduction can make it easier to share and transfer images.

PNG, on the other hand, is a lossless compression format that is commonly used for images with transparent backgrounds or sharp lines and text. It is preferred when the quality of the image needs to be maintained or when images require transparency. Unlike JPG, PNG files do not lose any quality during the compression process and are thus larger in size.



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